Public Fund

The launch of the JRC Fund presents a part of the successful investment strategy of JRC Capital Management. Accessible to the general public in the form of a public fund under UCITS regulations. The Fund is offered in two share classes for institutional and private investors.

UCITS stands for Undertakings for Collective Investments in Transferable Securities and defines the special requirements for funds and their management companies. The first UCITS guidelines were published in 1985 by the EEC (European Economic Community) and would henceforth regulate funds in Europe.

The JRC Fund is made up of a maximum of one third of its assets in cash for the foreign exchange strategy. Two-thirds of which serve as collateral, whereof at least two-thirds consist of short-term bonds of highest credit quality.

The aim of the investment strategy is capital growth through trades with the most important and most liquid futures based on currency pairs. The strategy is based on well-defined and carefully tested, dynamic, algorithmic trend-following systems, which together form a model portfolio.