JRC relies on continuous statistical financial market analysis as the most comprehensive and beneficial information source for the analysis of market behavior. On this basis, the company has developed an optimal technical and academic environment in order to operate successfully.

The main goal is to continuously develop the company’s internal Know How, with the objective to develop trading systems that remain profitable in any market condition. These systems combine latest findings in empirical capital market research, risk management, chart analysis, as well as behavioral finance and merge them with well-established principles.

These dynamic and constantly enhanced trading systems are designed to generate profits in the broadest possible range of market scenarios. For this purpose JRC applies quantitative methods for the development of new trading systems, as well as risk management and risk monitoring.

In several years of research work, JRC’s research department has developed a proprietary analysis and forecasting software. The foundation of mathematical algorithms have been thoroughly tested on historical market data.

For JRC, the objectives of the research department is vital. That is why more than two thirds of the employees are engaged – directly or indirectly – in achieving these goals. Those employees are highly qualified and have extensive experience in their field. Collectively they combine their individual strengths for finding innovative solutions to complex problems and challenges of algorithmic trading.

Due to this scientific approach and the continuous exchange of knowledge with academic institutions JRC is always at the edge of the newest developments in financial engineering for the benefit of its investors.

Continuous scientific research as the basis of success