At the beginning of 1996, JRC Capital constituted the management of a consortium of renowned European companies and research institutions, including a bank institution (Berlin), ATOS SA, University of Surrey and Erasmus University of Rotterdam, as part of the ACE (Analyst’s Control Environment) research project, co-funded by the European Union (EU). Furthermore, JRC was responsible for the development of Forecasting Models based on combined methods of quantitative analysis and statistics.

Since then, JRC Capital was involved in a number of other publicly funded projects and contributed to them in different capacities; either as an external consultant, as in the case of Anima Project (1999), where JRC was responsible for the design and development of financial applications with the help of itinerant agents, or as a project manager and technical director, as in the case of the EU-funded project GIDA (Generic Info based Decision Assistance) which developed an internet platform for information-based decision making.

Between 2006 and 2008, JRC Capital acted as a project coordinator of the TREMA Projects (Trend Mining, Analysis and Fusion Multi-model Data), funded by the Investitionsbank Berlin. TREMA focused on correlation analysis of numeric and qualitative data and the refinement of trend forecasting. Between 2008 and 2010 JRC contributed to the EU-Project GEMOM (Genetic Message Oriented Secure Middleware) by developing a new financial application for the transmission of trading system signals.

Since 2011, another EU project is on JRC’s agenda. In the context of the ENSURE (Enabling kNowledge Sustainability, Usability and Recovery for Economic value) project, the company cooperates with several research institutions to create a case study on the long-term recording of financial market data.

Most recently, JRC Capital participated as a Partner in the Eurostars-Research project „SAFE“-„Social Analytics for Financial Engineering“, at the end of 2015. This project was about the investigation of methods of analysis of postings on social media and their supportive use for decision-making within the frame of algorithmic trading strategies.

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