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As a technology-oriented and innovative financial services provider, JRC Capital relies on continuous scientific research

As early as 1996, JRC worked as part of the research project co-financed by the European Union (EU)ACE ( A. nalyst’s C. ontrol E. environment) the management function of a consortium of renowned European companies and research institutions, consisting of a Berlin bank, Atos SE, the University of Surrey and the Erasmus University Rotterdam. In addition, the JRC was responsible for the development of forecast models based on combined methods from the areas of text analysis and statistics. Since then, JRC has been involved in a number of other publicly funded projects. Either as an external consultant, as in the case of the Anima project (1999), in which JRC was responsible for the design and development of a financial application with the help of mobile agents. Or as a project manager and technical leader, for example in the EU-funded GIDA project ( G eneric I. information based D. ecision A. ssistant) for the development of an internet platform for information-based decision support. The consortium for this online advisory service consisted of, among others, AMS Finsoft SA, Ibermática, SA and the University of Surrey.

In the years 2006-2008, JRC acted as the project coordinator of the TREMA project ( Tre nd M. ining, A. analysis and fusion of multimodal data). The focus of TREMA was also on the correlation analysis of numerical data and text time series to improve trend forecasts. Here, JRC worked together with the Free University of Berlin. A contribution to the EU project GEMOM launched in 2008-2010 ( Ge nice M. essage O riented secure M. iddleware) provided JRC with the development of a financial application for the transmission of trading system signals.

Another project funded by the EU has been on the JRC agenda since 2011. As part of the ENSURE ( E. nabling k N owledge S. sustainability, U sability and R. ecovery for E. conomic value), the company cooperates with other well-known research institutions to create a case study on the long-term archiving of financial market data.

Most recently, JRC Capital Partner was completed at the end of 2015 Eurostars research project “SAFE” – “ S. ocial A. nalytics for F. inancial E. engineering “. This project was about the research of analysis methods on entries in social networks such as Facebook or Twitter and their use for decision support in the context of algorithmic trading strategies.


2023-2026 | FAME

Federated decentralized trusted data marketplace for embedded finance

Project Goal: Develop a unique, trusted, energy efficient and secure distributed data marketplace for embedded finance . Collaboration of experts in data management, data technologies, data economics and digital finance.

ATLANTIS | 2022-2025

Improved resilience of critical infrastructure to large-scale transboundary and systemic risks (101073909 HORIZON).

Project Goal: To improve the resilience and cyber-physical-human (CPH) security of Europe’s major critical infrastructures, going beyond the scope of individual facilities, systems and critical infrastructures by considering system-level resilience to major natural hazards and complex attacks that could disrupt the vital functions of society.

2020-2023 | CyberKIT4SME

Democratization of a cybersecurity toolkit for SMEs and MEs. (H2020 883188)

Project Goal: Develop a suite of cybersecurity tools and methodologies that enable SMEs/MEs (Micro-Enterprises) to raise awareness of cybersecurity risks, monitor and predict risks with greater confidence, and collaborate and share information in collective security and privacy efforts.

2019-2023 | INFINITECH

Customized IoT and BigData sandboxes and testbeds for smart, autonomous and personalized services in the European financial and insurance services ecosystem (H2020 856632).

Project Goal: Lower barriers to BigData/IoT/AI-driven innovation, promote compliance, and stimulate additional investment.

Triple-A | 2019-2022

Improving the investment value chain of early-stage energy efficiency projects
(H2020 846569

Project Goal: Identify investments that can be considered Triple A investments that promote sustainable growth while demonstrating extremely high capacity to meet their commitments, starting in the early stages of investment generation and pre-selection/pre-evaluation.

2018-2020 | FINSEC

IntegratedFramework for Predictive and Collaborative Security of Financial Infrastructures

Project Goal: Develop an integrated, intelligent, collaborative, and predictive approach to system infrastructure security.

CoraPatents | 2017-2019

Fundamental Company Rating for SMEs based on Patent
(E! 11618)

Project objective: prototypical development of patent value indicators and integration of currency models for the assessment of foreign currency risk in management consulting

2016-2019 | CloudDBAppliance

European Cloud In-Memory Database Appliance with Predictable Performance for Crititcal Applications

Project objective: Development of a quantitative risk management system with a cloud system

ENSURE | 2011-2014

Enabling Knowledge, Sustainability,
Usability and Recovery for Economic Value (270000)

Project objective: Development of a digital long-term archiving system

2008-2010 | GEMOM

Genetic Message Oriented

Secure Middleware (GA 215327)

Project objective: Development of a robust, fault-tolerant
and scalable platform for distributed information systems

TREMA | 2007-2008

Trend Mining, Analysis and Fusion of
multi-modular Data – Berlin

Project goal: Accurate trend prediction by combining quantitative and qualitative data analysis.

1996-1999 | ACE

Analysts’ Control Environment (ESPRIT IV 22271)

Project objective: Modeling and execution platform for trading systems

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