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Research by JRC Capital

As a technology-oriented and innovative financial services provider, JRC Capital relies on continuous scientific research

Through a combination of in-house projects on the one hand and participation in international publicly funded research projects on the other, the company has created an optimal, academic and technical environment from the outset in order to work successfully.

The goal is the continuous further development of the company’s internal know-how. The research focus is on the quantitative modeling of high-frequency financial market data for the development of profitable trading systems in every market phase. The latest findings from the empirical evaluation of dynamic models, risk management, chart analysis and behavioral finance are incorporated, which are combined with proven principles to form a new class of adaptive models on currency rates.

Research for modern trading systems

The dynamic, constantly evolving systems are designed in such a way that you generate income in the broadest possible spectrum of market scenarios. JRC Capital uses quantitative methods successfully in the development of trading systems as well as in risk management and monitoring.

Over several years of research, the JRC successfully developed proprietary analysis and forecasting software. The underlying mathematical algorithms have been extensively tested on historical market data and have also proven themselves in live trading.

According to the objectives, the research department at JRC Capital is of central importance and employs more than two thirds of the staff. They are highly qualified and have extensive experience in their fields. By bringing in the individual strengths of each individual, the team succeeds in constantly developing innovative solutions for complex problems and challenges in systematic trading.

This scientific approach and the continuous exchange with international institutions give JRC a knowledge advantage that the company uses in the interests of its investors.

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