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Years of experience in the field of trading systems

The JRC Capital Management Consultancy & Research GmbH has been active as a financial services company since 1994 and offers innovative asset management. Since it was founded by Jannis Raftopoulos, the financial engineering company has relied on quantitative trading strategies developed in-house in order to successfully trade for its customers on the highly liquid futures and currency markets. The customer base of JRC Capital Management primarily includes institutional investors and wealthy private investors.

Experience, research, technology – the cornerstones of JRC Capital Management

As an innovative financial services company, JRC Capital Management Consultancy & Research GmbH pursues the philosophy of generating returns for its investors in every market phase. Constant research into the financial markets forms the basis for successful trading. Because the development of the markets is not always efficient and sometimes unpredictable. Therefore, JRC Capital Management always strives to be on the pulse of the markets and to expand internal know-how. In addition to more than 20 years of trading experience, scientific research and technological development are particularly relevant. The result is a comprehensive portfolio of algorithmic trading systems that gives JRC Capital Management a clear competitive advantage over other market participants.

JRC Capital Management: Participation in numerous research projects

Research has played an important role since JRC Capital Management Consultancy & Research GmbH was founded. The financial markets always act as a laboratory. Through the project work in state research institutions as well as the collaboration with various research partners from the university and financial institution sector, JRC Capital Management has established itself as a leader in the segment of quantitative trading systems – the company is one of the most innovative and successful players on the market. Regular participation in national and European research projects forms the basis for being able to offer customers tailored solutions. Based on the research results and taking into account the many years of trading experience, JRC Capital Management was able to develop various practice-oriented models that are directly applicable and risk management. Dynamic weighting models are used, which determine the selection of active trading systems and the position sizes.

Innovative asset management – the investment strategies of JRC Capital Management

As an asset manager, JRC Capital Management offers each client a tailor-made investment portfolio that takes into account the respective risk profile and the individual needs of the investor. Computational finance and financial engineering play a decisive role in the development of trading systems and the portfolios made up of them. Information technology and mathematical models are applied to the financial markets. Information technology has developed rapidly over the past two decades and now enables a complex simulation and analysis of economic systems and financial markets. JRC Capital Management not only uses automated trading systems, but also generates numerous in-house innovations in the field of quantitative trading strategies as a result of extensive research. These are software algorithms that generate sell and buy signals on the securities markets. With the help of these proprietary quantitative trading strategies, JRC Capital Management trades on the highly liquid futures and currency markets for its customers.

JRC Capital Management

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