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With a managed account, we offer you an actively managed account with JRC Capital.

With managed accounts, the investors themselves own the chosen financial instruments. In contrast to a fund in which only shares in joint assets are held. In addition, the managed account offers insight into the individual transactions at any time, which offers our customers maximum transparency. The respective account manager coordinates the investment strategy as requested by the account holder and receives limited power of attorney to implement the strategic goals to actively manage the account – with full control by the account holder.

How managed accounts work at JRC

The market developments since the financial crisis in 2008 and the resulting zero interest rate policy have led to increased demand from private investors for more transparent and easily controllable alternatives. In addition to traditional systems, managed accounts have established themselves in this context. Here, the possibility of diversifying the deposits is examined by the experienced account managers from JRC Capital, who set up and manage the individual portfolio in accordance with the jointly established investment strategy.

At JRC Capital, we use our portfolio of short, medium and long-term models for managed accounts. Thanks to our many years of experience in trading and research, we use quantitative trading systems. The software algorithms generate buy and sell signals on the traded currency markets. These are used in highly liquid markets. The expected upward or downward trends are assessed by the specialized account manager and used for the managed account according to the individual investment goals. Transparent, controllable and independent.

Managed Account – Transparency and Trust

At JRC Capital, we attach great importance to a transparent and trusting relationship with our customers in our managed accounts. The basis for this is personal communication between the account manager and the account holder. The diversification within the portfolio can be adjusted at any time depending on the period of an investment and with a view to the investment universe. As a partner at your side, we are always customer-oriented and transparent. With your managed account, you have a live overview of, for example, open and closed trades as well as the current account balance at any time – also possible via mobile devices at any time and regardless of location.

The company is assigned to the compensation scheme of the securities trading company (EdW). The statutory provisions on deposit protection also apply to the managed accounts.

What does the managed account at JRC cost?

For the managed account there are transaction-independent account costs through a management fee and a performance fee. The performance fee is a percentage of the profit on the account. We use the high water mark for the highest level of customer-oriented work. With this “high mark”, the performance fee is contractually due only when the performance has reached a new high at the time of settlement.

A quick example to illustrate:

Let’s say a portfolio is worth $ 100,000. After a year with a profit of 10,000 euros to a total of 110,000, there is a loss of 10,000 euros in the following year and a year later there is a profit of 10,000 euros to 110,000 euros. Then the performance fee is not applied for the profit of the previous year, since with the high water mark the performance fee is not due if the results are achieved again, but only if the high water mark is higher.

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