Democratizing a Cyber Security
Toolkit for
SMEs & MEs

Project vision
The overarching goal of CyberKit4SME is the democratization of advanced cybersecurity methods for SMEs and MEs to: Empower SMEs and MEs to monitor and predict cybersecurity risks by equipping them with advanced, yet cost-effective and user-friendly tools that enable them to assess the cybersecurity risks of their organization’s IT infrastructure at design time (following an asset-based risk assessment approach, ISO 27005) and monitor and update the risk assessments in real time to identify potential threats without the frequent need for expensive cybersecurity experts and consultants.
Raising awareness of SMEs and ME of cybersecurity risks, vulnerabilities and attacks through training in the use of these tools and through the analysis of organizational and human factors that impact the level of risk in their business; providing educational material to their employees to encourage secure behavior; facilitating their participation in cyber domains as part of the training experience; and fostering a resilient community of SMEs and ME by promoting information sharing with CERTs/CSIRTs and other SMEs and ME on cybersecurity incidents. Translated with (free version) widerstandsfähigen Gemeinschaft von KMU und ME durch Förderung des Informationsaustauschs mit CERT/CSIRTs und anderen KMU und ME über Cybersicherheitsvorfälle.

Equip SMEs and ME with an online collaborative system for security information sharing and incident reporting by providing a blockchain platform through which SMEs and ME will be able to securely share cybersecurity information in supply chains and with CERTS to improve risk monitoring and facilitate cyber-attack preparedness and response, initiate a collective response to cybersecurity risks and implement mandatory cybersecurity incident reporting.
The CyberKit4SME project aims to demonstrate the functionality of these tools in an operational environment based on the SME partners’ existing product and service test environments, in which users perform their normal business tasks. In addition, the necessary measures will be taken to ensure that the tools provided are commercially sustainable and can be made available to a wide range of SMEs and MEs upon completion of the project.

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