Research and the development of profitable quantitative trading systems is the focus of JRC.

In order for JRC to be able to achieve a higher yield for its investors, it is essential to continuously gain new insights into Forex and commodity markets, since markets can sometimes be inefficient and price trends occasionally move randomly and unpredictably.

The competitive edge of JRC over other market participants is the ability to optimally utilize scientific research and technological developments to identify patterns in market behavior and to trade them successfully. Historically, erratic and unpredictable price movements often confuse market participants.

JRC acts on the maxim to develop trading strategies that achieve positive returns in all market scenarios, whether trending or volatile. JRC continuously works on improving its scientifically founded trading systems to achieve optimal results. In order to ensure the ongoing success, research and development are the clear focus of JRC’s activities. To that extend, over the past 15 years, JRC has been cooperating with a multitude of partners on a range of EU-funded projects and keeps recruiting highly qualified staff.

Financial markets are JRC’s laboratory.

for over 20 years successfully in markets